What students benefit from Study Skills?

Study Skills
is for students who wish to succeed and are
determined not to give up.  It works best for students who
may not have thought they could earn good grades, but are
willing to dedicate their time to try new strategies in order
to get better grades.

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Lyrics of Worship, Praise and Inspiration book
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You may print these lyrics, but give credit to Lucy, please.  
May they bring you joy.  A CD will be available soon.  

If you would like more information about bringing Rev. Lucy Blood to your church to lead worship and/or
give a concert for your event, please email...

Lucy Blood

My mission is to end hunger and poverty one song at a time by giving free benefit
concerts for the Heifer Project.  
The goal is to raise enough money for a Gift Ark and then continue to build an armada!

Looking for a great Heifer benefit fund-raising concert?  

Bring  Lucy for a performance and combine it with a dinner
or an intermission desert/refreshment time.

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Get Lucy to be your Keynote Speaker and Workshop Leader

School Daze with Eagle Hamilton - a hilarious keynote presentation for educators.  Lucy's alter ego,
Eagle Hamilton who is the self-named "Grand Dame of Golf",
shares what she's learned during her 40 plus years in education including
"things they never taught me in teacher's college".  
Your faculty will laugh out loud as they recognize themselves, and their colleagues, when Eagle
speaks about NCLB, playing 4-square [administration, parents, teachers, and students], brain-based
learning, and a variety of educational buzzwords.

Study Skills - Take an amusing journey through school.  Students laugh as they see themselves in the
entertaining stories Lucy shares about her life and what she's seen in the classroom.  The focus is on
learning styles, organization, test taking, and more.

Private Lessons with Eagle Hamilton - a great character education program for your students. Eagle
shares integrity principles with humor by using golf as a metaphor for life.  The presentation is filled
with lessons on the power of attitude, making good choices, and daring to dream dreams.
Laughter challenges our spirits while she teaches -
"If I try, I MIGHT.  If I don't, I won't."

Professional Development Workshops -

Study Strategies for Student Success

Act Like Teacher: Teaching as a Performing Art

Special Education 24/7

Why Didn't They Teach This in College?

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Lucy Blood
Keep Shining!

The Vision

"From everyone to whom much has been given, much will be required;
and from the one to whom much has been entrusted, even more will be demanded."  
[Luke 12:48b ([N]RSV)]   

This website is my opportunity to share my gifts with others.  
You will find free materials to see, use, listen to, and hopefully share with others who will benefit
from it.  I pray that you find it a blessing in your life and may you share the joy of life with others.

Keep Shining! Lucy
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